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"After only a few weeks of watching Wanhee’s videos, I have begun to see major changes in my physique. My posture has gotten better, chest has gotten much more defined, my stomach has gone in a ton! The only place to go from here is forward!"



"The best part of working with Wanhee is the mindset and hunger game modules, which really sets the program apart from others, not only has it helped me with my workout that affects my physical body, but also brings me to the awareness of my mind health."



"Wanhee was the catalyst I needed. He shared the facts in a simple way and made me realize that weight loss was not that complicated after all. He could be a great influencing factor for anyone in his programs. This man knows his stuff and no BS. "




Hi, I‚Äôm¬†Wanhee ūüĎč

I started my fitness journey in 2012 when I was still at university. Back then I just wanted to become more attractive to girls.

I spent 10 years trying to build a lean and aesthetic body - following the usual advice - and the best I achieved was what I call an ‚Äėaverage chubby‚Äô physique.

I’d train 5-6 times a week for 2 hours but the layer of fat was always there.

Every diet I followed had me motivated at first. But eventually I’d bounce back, binge eat and drink on the weekends undoing all the good work.

I thought building a lean & aesthetic body, the kind you see on movie screens was out of my reach...I wanted to give up.

I realized that if i was ever going to make it, I couldn't follow those bodybuilders on youtube. I had to find a different way - a minimalist way. 

After changing my training philosophy and my diet, I began to transform... FAST. Not only was I getting stronger, my physique was looking better each week and the layer of belly fat finally disappeared...

Fast forward to today...

  • I am leaner and more attractive than I've ever been
  • I am stronger, healthier, and more stylish¬†thanks to my body
  • I feel confident in my own skin and when I take my clothes off
  • I've been able to quit my job¬†and go full-time on being a coach / YouTuber.
  • My YouTube channel has more than¬†240k¬†subscribers¬†
  • My team and I have created¬†bulletproof programs and a burgeoning community¬†to give you the best shot at¬†getting lean & aesthetic.

I've documented literally everything I've ever learned about building a lean & aesthetic body in this community.

And if you fancy¬†learning from me to shortcut your own learning curve,¬†you're in the right place ūüėČ Scroll down to check out the different programs within the Club.

Our courses and community are perfect for...

Beginner lifters with little to no experience in the gym

Just getting started and don't know what to do in the gym? Don't worry I'll take you step by step through everything you need to know. No bullsh*t. The minimalist way.


Intermediate lifters who feel stuck at 'skinny fat' or 'average chubby'

Learn the smartest way to build a lean and aesthetic body using the exact minimalist system I used to transform. You will make more gains in less time.


Advanced lifters who want to level up and build a Top 1% body

Build elite level strength, mobility, and athleticism to make you stand out from the crowd. Eliminate weaknesses in your physique while supercharging strengths.



Whatever stage of the fitness journey you're at, we've got something for you¬†ūüėä

The OG Minimalist Workout Routine (FREE)

Minimalist Workout Routines is what I used to create the body you see in my thumbnails. These routines cover everything you need to know, from the first key exercises to the exact sets and reps, as well as how to build a lean and aesthetic body without burning out.

This routine is FREE.

We know that¬†working out¬†can change your life, and if this¬†routine is the encouragement you need to finally get started, it'll be amazing news for everyone ūüöÄ

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Minimalist Bodyweight Training 

Minimalist Bodyweight Training is our incredible starting point for beginner lifters who don't have access to the gym or training equipment. You might also experience gym-anxiety or just prefer to do things with bodyweight at home. 

The course covers everything you need to know to start building an aesthetic body with the most ancient training equipment known to man - your own body.

The power of bodyweight training is represented by the olympic gymnasts. You can use this program to build insane strength and looks while gaining mastery over your own body.

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Minimalist Training System 

Minimalist Training System is my first and most complete set of training materials designed to help you build a lean & aesthetic body. It is the most complete training program on the internet that breaks down everything you need to know.

This system will allow you to:

1. Build muscle while training less than everyone else.

2. Drop body fat while eating what you love (like for real)

3. Bring about deep identity level change that you keep for life

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Minimalist Training Club

Minimalist Training Club is my private coaching community for those who want the most complete learning experience. It combines live group coaching, in-depth masterclasses, and an interactive community.

You will simply have everything at your fingertips to transform your body and your mind to that of the top 1%. I will be there to help you every step of the way, until you get there.

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1:1 Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching is my most premium offer. My clients often renew and become my friends. You will experience the most personalized and tailored coaching experience designed to help you level up in not just fitness but every aspect of your life.

I only work with 3-4 clients a month and exclusively with those that are extremely serious. Clients are selected on application only basis. You can access the form below. If you are selected, we will jump on a call to discuss details and get started. 

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