Calling out busy working men who can't spend hours in the gym...

Become Lean & Aesthetic in 6-12 Months with Minimalist Training

Train Less. Eat Smart. Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

  • Are you struggling to stay consistent with your workouts?

  • Are you struggling to stick to a healthy diet?

  • Are you disappointed with how your body looks?¬†

  • Do you want to enjoy working out and make it part of your life?


99% of people can't stay consistent with their training and diet...

ūüĎᬆHere's Why¬†ūüĎá

Fitness Industry

  • Workouts leave you¬†tired ¬†¬†
  • Hard to fit into schedule
  • Low energy and motivation
  • Progress¬†stops
  • Hard to¬†stay consistent
  • Constant cravings
  • Bulky gym bro¬†body
  • Stiff and immobile
  • Risk of injury

Minimalist Training

  • Workouts are short and fun
  • Easy to fit into schedule
  • More energy and motivation
  • Progress¬†never stops
  • Easy to stay consistent¬†
  • Enjoyable diet¬†
  • Lean and aesthetic body
  • Mobile and functional¬†
  • Strong and healthy for life

The 3 Myths That Keep You FAT and SKINNY


‚Ěó¬†You need to train¬†more and harder to build muscle¬†

‚Ěó¬†You need to eat¬†bland and boring meals¬†to lose body fat¬†

‚Ěó¬†You need to¬†sacrifice so much¬†to achieve a lean and aesthetic body¬†

The Truth That Minimalist Training Will Show You


ūüí°¬†Less is more

You only need to train with focus and intensity on key movements that truly move the needle

ūüí°¬†Eat smart¬†not¬†less

You can enjoy your favorite foods as long as you have a smart strategy. Even pizza, pasta, and ramen

ūüí°¬†Enjoy the journey

The process of building a lean and aesthetic body is fun, not painful

ūüĎᬆWho Do You WANT To Be?¬†ūüĎá

The Huge AI Gym-Bro

I Can't Help You IF:

  • You want to get really BIG
  • You¬†want to spend¬†hours in the gym every day
  • You want magic results in the first month or two
  • You want to take lots of supplements and protein shakes
  • You want to¬†win powerlifting or bodybuilding competitions¬†
  • You want to watch videos all day instead of taking action

The Lean & Aesthetic Minimalist

I Can Help You IF:

  • You want to be lean and aesthetic (like a greek god)
  • You want¬†to¬†look good in clothes
  • You want to be healthy with lots of energy
  • You want¬†to¬†lose fat without¬†stress
  • You want to balance fitness with other things in life
  • You want to enjoy working out and make it part of your life!
Join Minimalist Training Club

It's your choice. 


 1. Stay stuck inside the fitness industry taking advice from 'fake naturals' who are abusing steroids...


- OR -


2. Become part of the minimalist revolution where normal guys are becoming aesthetic without being a gym rat.



ūüĒ•¬†Getting to 10% body fat, looking lean and aesthetic.¬†

ūüĒ•¬†Becoming more confident socially and professionally as a result of your chiseled physique.

ūüĒ•¬†How would your friends and family look at you once you achieved it?¬†


"With Wanhee, I went from high volume training to minimalist training and my strength went through the roof, and the looks followed. The best part is that now I actually look forward to going to the gym."     -Sung

"Following the routines he gave me, I could see my body change. He taught me to confront my limitations and because of him I could reach my body goals."   -Han

"I was jumping around from program to program trying to figure out what works best. Everything Wanhee said really resonated with me. I continued to workout consistently and I got all the way from 196 to 163 pounds."   - Stephen

"Wanhee instilled in me the certainty that I can change. I can comfortably say that he changed not just my body but my life."   -Jin

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The Truth About Having A Lean & Aesthetic Body

I’ve talked to many women about what they want in a man's body.

They don‚Äôt like the ‚Äúbulky look‚ÄĚ that most gym-bros go for.

Or¬†the ‚Äėskinny-fat‚Äô¬†body with pudgy arms and¬†belly fat.

What they want is an aesthetic physique that looks good in clothes.

With muscle in just the right places and lean enough to show it.

Now imagine you have that exact body.

How would that make you feel?  

How confident would you be?

The truth is, when your body is right, people treat you with more respect.

Women admire you and other men envy you.

Friends and family start to ask you, "how did you do it?"

Because you cannot fake a lean and aesthetic body.

You’re here because you’ve failed to make that a reality.

And I don't blame you. It’s not your fault. You have been MISLED by the fitness industry.

Shakes, supplements, useless courses, and overpriced memberships…

All designed to keep you stuck so you keep coming back for more. 

It’s time to put your foot down and finally get this part of your life sorted.

THIS is your escape plan.

Join Minimalist Training Club

Here's What Doesn't Work (AVOID THIS!)


‚ĚƬ†¬†Watching countless YouTube videos in the hope that it will 'click'

‚ĚƬ†¬†Jumping from program to program¬†and figuring it out on your own

‚ĚƬ†¬†Going to the gym with a friend and following what he¬†does

‚ĚƬ†¬†Switching up your diet every few months to lose fat

If watching videos and ‚Äėjust going to the gym‚Äô got the job done, every Joe down the street would have an aesthetic body.

But they don’t. 

Because whenever something truly valuable is at stake, the road is paved with obstacles.

This is why you need a coach who can guide you when things go wrong and you feel like giving up.

This is why you need a community - a team on your side that helps you when things get difficult. 

This is what I want to provide for you...


Minimalist Training Club

Become Lean & Aesthetic while training less than 99% of people.

Here is what you will experience inside:

1. Live group coaching calls with Wanhee every week.

You will receive personalized feedback on your training, diet, and mindset so you can progress as fast as possible.

2. Wanhee’s premium video courses and workout programs.

You will get everything you need to know about building muscle and losing fat with minimalist training - organized in one place - so you never get confused and overwhelmed.

3. An exclusive community with like-minded students. 

You will meet positive and driven people inside who will help you stay consistant and not give up. 

Your Roadmap Inside Minimalist Training Club

4 Phases

Phase 1: Becoming Aesthetic & Consistent 

Goal: Building the V-tapered upper body. 

Focus: Upper chest, shoulders, back, and arms.

Mindset: Building momentum and consistency training 3 times a week.

Your Routine: The Aesthetic Routine (12 Weeks)

Phase 2: Becoming Functional & Healthy

Goal: Becoming healthy and functional across your entire body.

Focus: Legs, core & posterior chain.

Mindset: Getting clear on goals, obstacles, limiting beliefs.

Your Routine: The Functional Routine (12 Weeks)

Phase 3: Becoming Athletic & Present

Goal: Becoming stronger, faster, and more mobile.

Focus: Muscles, joints and tendons.

Mindset:  Enjoying the process - staying present and grateful. 

Your Routine: The Athletic Routine (12 Weeks)

Phase 4: Becoming Complete & Aware

Goal: Building your dream body

Focus: Capitalizing on your strengths and improving any weak points.

Mindset: Becoming aware and letting go of your urges, thought patterns, behaviors and habits.

Your Routine: The Ultimate Routine (12 Weeks)

See what people are saying about Minimalist Training Club.

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More Successes Celebrated by Community Members

Join Minimalist Training Club

When You Join Minimalist Training Club, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Weekly Coaching Calls With Wanhee (Value: $4997)

Imagine having Wanhee by your side answering all your questions and guiding you every step of the way. This is the fastest way to make progress and break through plateaus.

WhatsApp Coaching Group (Value: $1497)

Don't waste time and effort by doing the exercises wrong. Join a private member's whatsapp group to send videos of yourself and get detailed feedback on form. 

Minimalist Bodyweight Training Program (Value: $497)

This detailed video program will show you how to train without weights and gym equipment. Perfect for those who travel a lot and holidays (or if you just don't like gyms)

The Coaching Vault (Value: $997)

You can listen to recordings of past coaching calls in case you cannot make it and want some deep wisdom ;)

The Form Vault (Value: $397)

Find out how to perform each exercise properly so you make maximum progress and leave no gains on the table.

Strong and Healthy Lower Back For Life Program (Value: $297)

This program will show you how to become pain-free in your lower back and make it strong and healthy for life.

Strong and Healthy Shoulders For Life Program (Value: $297)

This program will show you how to become pain-free in your shoulders and make it strong and healthy for life.

Strong and Healthy Knees For Life Program (Value: $297)

This program will show you how to become pain-free in your kneees and make it strong and healthy for life.

Strong and Healthy Wrists For Life Program (Value: $297)

This program will show you how to become pain-free in your wrists and make it strong and healthy for life.

The Minimalist Body Masterclass (Value: $497)

This masterclass will teach you how you can become lean & aesthetic while training less than 99% of people. 

Minimalist Meals And Recipes (Value: $297)

Learn how to cook delicious meals that are high in protein so you can build muscle fast. Learn how to cook low calorie meals that help you lose fat.

Animal Flow Stretching Routines (Value: $197)

Get access to unique improvisational stretching routines Wanhee uses to keep his body mobile and flexible.

A Community of Minimalist Trainers (Value: Priceless)

Join a tribe of minimalist trainers who can help you stay consistent and motivated.

Access to NEW COURSES As They Get Released (Value: Priceless)

Get Immediate access to NEW COURSES as they get released. 


Plus! If you join today, you will unlock this crazy limited time bonus:

1:1 Coaching Call with Wanhee

Find out EXACTLY what you need to do in your current situation

(5/25 spots remaining) 

Total Value: $11,561

You need to act now.

$99 / Month

Join Now Before the Price Rises to $125/month

Your Price Will Never Rise

  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Whatsapp Coaching Group¬†
  • Minimalist Training Programs
  • 4x Strong & Healthy For Life Programs

  • Worldwide Community

  • Daily Access To Wanhee

  • Cancel anytime, risk-free
  • $99/month forever


I am so confident you will love this community that I am willing to provide you a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If you join and participate in 1 live coaching call with me, while trying the workout program,

And you don’t think this community is right for you, I will give you your money back. 

So it's risk-free.

You must change from 


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Check out the big gains on Hanju!

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Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Wanhee.

I spent almost 10 years trying to build a lean and aesthetic body.

The best I achieved was an ‚Äėaverage chubby‚Äô physique.

I trained 5-6 times a week for hours at a time - but the layer of fat was always there.

Every diet I followed ended up being too difficult to keep up.

Soon I bounced back to binge eating and drinking on the weekends - undoing all the 'good progress' I had made.

I wanted to give up.

I told myself it was my genetics, and that diets weren’t worth the effort. 

But deep inside I knew I wanted to build an aesthetic body. 

Not like those bodybuilders in gym magazines... all pumped up and bulky.

What I wanted was a lean and aesthetic body - the kind you see on the movie screens.

An attractive body that is proportionate, with a V-taper.

After years of trial and error and research, I started to see some hope.

There was a way for normal guys like me to build a great body without using steroids...and without spending countless hours in the gym!

The key was to focus on training intensity rather than volume. 

The key was to focus on strength gains on key exercises. 

The key was to rest enough to allow for neural and muscular recovery. 

The key was to cut out all the nonsense that was keeping 99% of people stuck just like I was.

I started training less and eating more.

I made my training and diet so simple and easy to follow... that consistency never became an issue.

In fact, I started looking forward to training! So much so that I had to force myself to rest. Can you imagine?

I began to see better and better results. 

Not only was I getting stronger, I was looking better each week and I was losing fat at the same time!

It felt like I hit a jackpot.
I uncovered an aesthetic physique at a rapid pace.

The best part was that I could enjoy all kinds of other things that I loved doing.

I had enough energy to do other sports, go out with friends and family, live a life outside the gym.

I helped thousands of men around the world achieve the same thing using this minimalist approach. 

In the process, I distilled the most potent formula for transforming average guys into top shape:

Lean, Aesthetic, Healthy, Strong, and Mobile.

You can get instant access to this formula inside Minimalist Training Club.

Join Minimalist Training Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Join Minimalist Training Club

What happens if you do nothing?

Have you asked yourself the cost of NOT taking action? 

In life we don’t think about the things we are losing by continuing the same way.

If you continue with the body that you have now…

What are you giving up?

What opportunities are passing you by?

What future life are you saying ‚Äėno‚Äô to?

For me…

If I didn’t take the risk to quit my phd…

If I didn’t overcome my fear and anxiety of being 30 without a job to try youtube full time…

If I didn’t bring myself to workout in that small room in Milan to get over my back pain…

My life would look very different and it pains me to imagine it.

So do this for yourself. 

Let’s make future-you proud.


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