For Busy Entrepreneurs Who Can't Spend Hours In The Gym…

Build A Lean & Aesthetic Body Training ONLY 3 Hours A Week!

  • Do you find it hard to fit workouts into your busy schedule?
  • Do you find it hard to stay consistent with your diet?
  • Do you find it hard to lose belly fat and get lean?
  • Do you travel often which complicates things?
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👇 Why most entrepreneurs have a ‘skinny-fat’ physique 👇 

Fitness Industry

  • Workouts leave you tired   
  • Hard to fit into schedule
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Progress stops
  • Hard to stay consistent
  • Constant cravings
  • Bulky gym bro body
  • Stiff and immobile
  • Risk of injury

Minimalist Training

  • Workouts are short and fun
  • Easy to fit into schedule
  • More energy and motivation
  • Progress never stops
  • Easy to stay consistent 
  • Enjoyable diet 
  • Lean and aesthetic body
  • Mobile and functional 
  • Strong and healthy for life

The fitness industry is for high school kids and gym-bros.

Instead of helping you, it hurts you and makes you fall off track. 

You go to the gym for a few months. Then leave for a few months. Then come back again…

Go through that cycle enough times and you start to doubt whether you'll ever be able to get the body you want.

“It’s really difficult to lose weight” 

“I was never a gym person anyway”

“I’ll get to it when I have time”

I was in this EXACT loop. I was juggling my phd, my relationship, my health issues, and my family’s health issues all at the same time.

Whenever I trained I became tired, unmotivated, and burnt out - not to mention, my belly fat never went away! 

When things get difficult, stress builds up. We tend to neglect our health. We start to go for unhealthy foods and skip on exercise. 

Enter man boobs, love handles, belly fat, and face fat. 

You feel like you’re functioning at 50% of your potential. 

Imagine how much better you would feel with a body that is healthy, lean, and aesthetic...

What is Minimalist Training?

Minimalist Training is a proven system that allows you to:

Build Your Dream Body While Training Only 3 Hours A Week

Eat What You Love While Losing Fat & Building Muscle

Enjoy The Process & Make Training A Part Of Your Life

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Why 1 on 1 Coaching?

✔️ Weekly 1-on-1 coaching & accountability

✔️ Personalized training plan

✔️ Personalized diet plan

✔️ Direct daily access to Wanhee 

I Can Help You IF:

  • You want to be lean and aesthetic (like a greek god)
  • You want to look good in clothes
  • You want to be healthy with lots of energy
  • You want to lose fat and get lean without hating life
  • You want to balance fitness with other things in life
  • You want to enjoy working out and make it part of your life!

I Can't Help You IF:

  • You want to get really BIG
  • You want to spend hours in the gym every day
  • You want magic results in the first month or two
  • You want to take lots of supplements and protein shakes
  • You want to win powerlifting or bodybuilding competitions 
  • You want to watch videos all day instead of taking action

If you value your time, and want to become lean and aesthetic in the shortest time possible, apply below.


🔥 This is the fastest way to change your body.

🔥 This strategy has a 100% success rate.

🔥 Your body is your most important asset with the highest ROI.

Work with Wanhee 1:1

Please only apply if you are very serious and ready to take action.

See What Other 1-on-1 Clients Say About Working With Wanhee

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Friends colleagues, they see the change straight away or your arms are bigger or, or you look leaner. You made such an impact on my physique, my mindset, my everyday approach to gym training.

I didn't have a clear plan. I needed somebody to say, listen, this is the plan, this is the target, and this is how to get there. Just to have that guidance and that support and that help, and knowing that somebody's there for you.  The progression that I've made has just been phenomenal.


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We met two years ago in the Marine Corps.  Before I met Wanhee I was working out ‘Bodybuilding Style”.  Minimalist training made things simple and easy to follow. Functionally, it was really good. I love Wanhee’s coaching style. I really recommend this coaching style.



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This has been like a game changer for me. No BS,just honestly, The thing that makes your coaching different is that you really dig deep into the person.  You invest in the person. You  invest in their mindset, how they feel about fitness, how they feel about nutrition.

This is what makes you different than the other trainers.


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